So, like, what is this?

This is a great question and I totally get it! When I tell folks I offer professional drone services sometimes I get the deer in the headlights look.  The idea of "Professional Drone Services" is very new!  If I were to ask folks, "Would you like to have aerial photos and videos of your property?" the answers would usually range from "Well sure that would be very cool.  But I don't have thousands of dollars to blow on something like that" to "That doesn't even sound legal!".  It just sounds expensive, complicated, probably something the FAA frowns on, something you need a bunch of permits and licenses for, and just basically complicated and expensive.  No thanks.   

Enter drone technology.  With SkySight360, getting aerial videos and photographs is as easy as hiring someone to cut your grass.  It's really that easy.  You don't need permits or licenses, special permission from the government, flight plans, pilots, aviation fuel, VHF radios, and all the other complexity that comes with manned aircraft.  You just need SkySight360!  Drone technology makes it simple and inexpensive.

Why would I want this?

The need for drone services ranges from professional marketing footage, pictures for construction site status reports, content needed to market a rural property, to just plain curiosity.  Now that everyone can afford aerial videos and photos of their properties, there has been surge of demand from folks who just want a really cool video of their property to share with friends and family.  They don't want to go buy a drone and figure out how to fly it.  And let's be honest, it would probably get used like 10 times and then end up on eBay anyways, right?  Realtors almost always have drone products when marketing rural property and luxury property.  Project Managers love to include these products in their status reporting.  Now that the cost of this service has dropped to "not breaking the budget" range, it's a real option for a lot of folks for a lot of reasons!  Have you ever wanted to stand in the middle of your property, fly up to about 400 feet, and just take a look around to see what the world looks like up there?  We make it happen!

Are you insured?
Yes!  We can provide a $1M liability policy upon request.  Drone insurance is purchased on a per flight basis.  If needed, the cost is negligible and included in the price.


Are you licensed?
Yes!  Our pilot is an FAA CFR Part 107 Certified Small Unmanned Aeronautical System operator.  This means we are able to offer professional, safe, and legal drone services.


Is it legal to fly over my neighbors house to get good views of my property?
Yes!  Airspace in Hopkins County and surrounding areas is considered Class G airspace for the most part.  For some of our local muni airports, such as Sulphur Springs Municipal airport, the airspace is Class E starting at 700 feet AGL.  This means if I fly above 700ft AGL, I need permission.  However, drones are not allow to fly above 400ft unless they are inspecting a tower.  Basically, all this cool drone pilot jargon means that all the airspace in Hopkins County and surrounding areas is open to licensed drone pilots.  However, in the interest of being neighborly, it's probably a good idea to give your neighbors a heads up that you are having a drone flight conducted.


Do I have to be onsite when you're flying your drone?
Nope.  I just need to know particulars of what you want me to focus on, or leave out of the footage.  You can do that with your order submission, via a phone call, or onsite before the flight.  It's up to you!


What forms of payment do you take?
We take just about all forms of payment to include cash, check, credit/debit cards and PayPal.


How long does it take to take all the pictures and videos when you're onsite?
We usually get it done in about 30-45 minutes.


Do I have to put my dogs up?  Unlock gates?
Nope.  We like to position ourselves somewhere nondescript so we aren't in the footage and so forth.  We don't actually need to step foot on your property.


How long does it take to get the final images and videos?
I like to have everything ready to deliver 2 days after the flight.  For example, if I fly on a Monday then I can usually deliver on a Wednesday.


What's your total service areas?
We focus on Hopkins County and adjacent counties.  However, we have traveled in the past for some customers and this isn't a problem.  Give us a call and we can discuss pricing (spoiler alert: It's usually calculated based on the standard fee plus GSA mileage rate)


If I really don't like something, or you totally missed a special feature of my property, does it cost extra for you to fly again and get more pics and video?
Absolutely not!  We really strive to capture everything the first time.  But, in the event we totally missed the mark, we will refly at no additional cost.


What about bad weather?
We have a "no worries" rain out policy.  The remote pilot in command will make a determination if it's safe to fly based on weather and safety conditions.  If we have to reschedule, it will be at no additional cost.  Cold weather is fine (drones fly better in cold weather actually).  Hot weather is fine.  So really, it's just rain and thunderstorms that could force a reschedule.


Can I upload these videos to Facebook?
Yes!  The compilation video (and all of the videos really) are Facebook ready!  For our music, we either own the rights to publish or the music is royalty free.  So, if Facebook gives you the "Are you allowed to post this copyrighted music on Facebook?" prompt after you upload your video, you can confidently click "yes!"


Do you offer discounts?
Yes!  For multi-flight commitments we offer a pretty deep discount.  This usually comes into play for construction project progress flights.  However, maybe you're a realtor and want to sign up for some number of new listings per month?  The multi-flight discount would definitely be applicable.  Contact us for additional details.


Can I fly your drone?
No.  Ok, maybe.


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