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Professional Drone Services

Custom Aerial Photography and Cinematic Videos for East Texas


Contact us with details using the form below.  Or, you can call us up if that works better.

We're very responsive!  So, you can expect a call back pretty quick after submitting your request.

We'll confirm the details and put you on the schedule.


We will fly our drone and take awesome pictures and videos.

You can be onsite during the flight, but you don't have to be.

If there are any weather or safety concerns, we'll let you know and reschedule the flight.


We'll edit the footage and create an amazing audio / video compilation.

Next, we will put all the photos, videos and the compilation on a USB drive.  We can hand deliver it, or mail it--whichever is most convenient for you.


We can also send the photos to your email inbox if you'd like.


We'll deliver a USB drive with media either in person or via US Mail.


This gives you a chance to review our work before making payment.  We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards.


Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


USB Drive

Everything we produce for your order will be delivered on a USB thumb drive.

We take a lot of photos and videos during our flights--and I mean a lot.  You'll get it all, even the outtakes!

Typically, customers receive:

  • 15-25 photos from all angles and from various altitudes

  • 10-20 total minutes of video footage

Also included with your order is a compilation video.  This is an edited, high resolution video set to music.  These are perfect for uploading to Facebook and sharing with friends and family. 

View Online

We will send a link to your inbox allowing you to download your photos from our secure Google Drive and view your compilation video on YouTube.  Posting the video to YouTube is a great option for sharing on Social Media or the MLS.


For Homeowners

Do you want super cool, inexpensive aerial photos and video of your home, farm, ranch, or deer lease?  Our aerial products allow you to see your property from a birds eye view.  It's truly amazing to see what your property and surrounding area look like from the sky!  

For Realtors

Selling a property?  We can help by providing stunning aerial photography and captivating video for your real estate listing.

Get noticed.  Drone imagery and video takes your marketing to a new level!  Our products differentiate your listing making it stand out on the page.

Can't wait for Google maps to update?  Our products give you accurate and timely photography and videos of your listing.

Listed a farm, ranch or luxury home?  Our services work best for rural properties and luxury homes.  However, any property can be brought to life with drone video and photograph!

Contact us today and we'll get you on the schedule!

For Contractors &

Project Managers

Need progress photos?  Let us know and we'll schedule multiple flights for you on the dates you need.

"Pictures tell a thousand words".  Including drone photography in your project status reporting helps to accurately communicate progress, setbacks (weather), achievements, and the overall progression of the project.

Discounted rates with multi-flight commitments.  We can assure you, our services are very affordable and won't jeopardize your project budget if you didn't account for this cost.

Contact us today and we'll get you on the schedule!


"We have been using SkySight360 since 2018 for all our commercial construction project aerial stills and video. The shots are always crisp and exact. The customer service is only surpassed by the dependability. Thank you Barrett for making our projects look fantastic from the sky!"

-- Vikki Jones, Director of Marketing RLM General Contractors

"Barrett, just wanted you to know, I think this is great and you did a fantastic job.  Thanks"

— Bill Ailes, Homeowner

Birthright, Texas



Everything about SkySight360 is simple, including our pricing.  There are no hidden fees anything else thrown in.  Pricing is all inclusive for many counties in East Texas.  Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Hopkins County

Hunt County

Delta County

Franklin County

Wood County

Rains County

Other Locations -

$195 plus GSA mileage rate from Sulphur Springs, Texas


Progress flights for construction projects get a special discount!  Contact us for details.

Contact Us

Don't worry!  Our average response time is about 2 hours for new requests.

Not fast enough? 

Call us at 903-440-2089